with the DevFest Tracks

Which tracks should I learn?

I'm new to programming.

Beginner Web Development

Learn to build a personal website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No experience required.

I'm familiar with at least one programming language.

Web Development

Learn to build web apps with Flask and Mongo.

Data Science

Learn to make meaningful observations about data sets using Python.

Deep Learning

Learn how artificial neural networks work using Python.

Track Micro-lectures

On Monday and Tuesday, we will host 30-minute micro-lectures for all of the tracks, which will walk you through the first steps of each project and give you the foundation you need to finish at the DevSpace. See the event schedule for more details.

Tech Electives

The DevFest Tracks are the primary educational curriculum of DevFest. However, in addition to the tracks, we’ll have tech electives throughout the week in topics such as Python, Javascript, and Machine Learning, that you can diversify your learning with. We hope that with all of these educational offerings, there’s something for everyone at DevFest. See the event schedule for more details.